Who has the momentum?

In the playoffs, the team Momentum is crucial to win. It's also true when we want to predict the winning teams from each round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Of course, we will talk more about trends and we are not immune to injuries or, in the context of this year, players leaving bubble cities. You can read about our firsts playoffs round predictions on our website that we did at the beginning of this round, but in this article we'll look at what's happening in a few teams to identify trends.

To make it as simple as possible, today we will analyze only the goalkeepers performance and the team luck factor (PDO) which can give us a good indicator of the Momentum factor.

Let's start with the goalkeepers by presenting the top 5 teams and the 5 worst. We will indicate the SV% and the HDSV% (which identifies the SV% against high-potential shots to turn into a goal).

Top 5

1. Montreal Canadiens: SV% - 96.72%; HDSV% - 90.00%

2. Columbus Blue Jackets: SV% - 95.60%; HDSV% - 88.89%

3. Arizona Coyotes: SV% - 93.28%; HDSV% - 77.27%

4. Tampa Bay Lightning: SV% - 93.14%; HDSV% - 73.68%

5. Vegas Golden Knights: SV% - 93.06%; HDSV% - 85.71%

Bottom 5

16. St. Louis Blues: SV% - 80.85%; HDSV% - 72.22%

15. Washington Capitals: SV% - 84.75%; HDSV% - 76.19%

14. Dallas Stars: SV% - 88.00%; HDSV% - 72.22%

13. Chicago Blackhawks: SV% - 89.90%; HDSV% - 72.00%

12. Philadelphia Flyers: SV% - 90.00%; HDSV% - 85.71%

If we look only at the goalkeepers performance, we understand somes things.

  • No wonder...The series between the Lightning and the Blue Jackets is so tight when we look at the goalies performance of these two teams right now. It will be, as predicted, a long series!

  • At the start of the playoffs, it was said that the only chance the Canadiens would win a series round was based on Carey Price's performance. He fully meets expectations and the team is doing well. On the other hand, the Flyers' goaltenders' performance wouldn't have been in the worst if it hadn't been for the last game. This round is also one of goalkeepers!

  • Could the Coyotes surprise the Avalanche? Their only chance is in their goals, but we've already seen series won thanks to the goalkeepers performances!

  • Do you now understand why the Blues and Capitals are in hot water right now? They have the 2 worst results in terms of the goalkeepers performance...

Now let's look at each team's PDO.

Top 5

1. Vancouver Canucks: PDO - 111.8

2. NY Islanders: PDO - 107.4

3. Montreal Canadiens: PDO - 106.7

4. Calgary Flames: PDO - 104.8

5. Vegas Golden Knights: PDO - 103.2

Bottom 5

16. St. Louis Blues: PDO - 88.2

15. Washington Capitals: PDO - 92.6

14. Philadelphia Flyers: PDO - 93.3

13. Dallas Stars: PDO - 95.2

12. Chicago Blackhawks: PDO - 96.8

Well, well, well... There are the same 5 teams at the bottom of the standings! What can we say?

  • The problem of the Blues and Capitals is not just on the goalkeepers side! They have no Momentum and they will need the awakening of their star players if they want to turn the Momentum in their favor. But it won't be easy, because their opponents have the 2 best PDO currently and this, with a big gap with them.

  • We can also talk about the Flyers' star players who just don't produce... Direct influence with the team's Momentum.

  • Not a lot of hope for the Hawks... Vegas is in the top 5 in PDO and goaltenders while Chicago is in the bottom 5 for the same categories.

We have some very interesting playoffs round to analyze right now. Want to know more about our playoffs predictions (including those for each round)? Visit the playoffs zone in the free Access of our Hudon-Hockey website to find everything. It's free by registering as a Member! You'll find our predictions for each playoffs round, the predictions of our columnists, the 'hot' and 'cold' players and much more!

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